Menu Template

Menu templates are always required for creating that ideal menu which captures the atmosphere for enticing and delighting your customers while showcasing all the delicious dishes served with great pride. A menu tends to be one of the most significant representations of the things that a restaurant has to offer to its clientele. Are you on the lookout of an exclusive restaurant menu template? Whether you own an eating house which is a bistro, Americana, eclectic, elegant, a steakhouse, sports pub or anything else, a good template is always a necessity.

Best Sources for Menu templates

You can browse through some of the greatest sources for menu templates available on the internet. The internet is filled with various websites offering menu templates that can be used for customizing menus. Some of the best sources for getting the most wonderful and attractive menu templates are as follows:

Menu Template 1Must Have Menus

At Must Have Menus you can easily find innumerable templates for pizzerias, family restaurants, Asian, Indian, Italian, cafes and various other varieties. You can also get hold of different options of take-out menus so that the customers visit again and again. You need to register in order to be a member of this website, scroll through the options, check out the prices and make use of the menu editor for streamlining the entire procedure.

HP Creative Studio for Business

HP Creative Studio for Business offers you with high-quality and professionally sharp templates for different types of marketing materials like flyers, brochures, postcards and pamphlets. This is one source that has a good share of attractive menu templates that can easily be printed at home.


The menu selections on this website are very nice because there are many careful graphic designs that have been used in creating the templates. Here you can easily find a menu template for your Japanese Restaurant or American Diner. The templates available at Stocklayouts are a bit pricy, but they are very useful and effective. They can easily be customized for having the customers eagerly waiting for the food that you serve them.

The Menu Maker

The Menu Maker provides full service and award winning design once you are able to specify your requirements. Here you can conveniently find a good and attractive batch of different menu templates that can easily be tweaked and customized to your heart’s content.

Free Business Templates

What you get at Free Business Templates is only a single template that does not look bad at all. Apart from this, you also get a useful write-up on creating or designing an attractive menu for maximizing profitability and success. There are useful tips explaining the procedures that can be used in setting up a restaurant that stands out in competition with the others.

Word Templates.Org

This template source is for budget conscious people who are not quite concerned about the frills and the tricks used in making attractive menus. You can easily check out some of the free Microsoft menu template word templates at The menus can be customized easily no matter the type of eatery that you might be operating or the number of items that you might be serving. The templates are simply great for restaurateurs who are looking forward to getting a good name for delicious food rather than a visually attractive menu.


Graphicriver is the perfect place for you to get some of the most enchanting restaurant menu templates. One of the most popular templates available at this source is the Elegant Green Restaurant menu template. This source for affordable menu templates possesses good room for various meal time offerings in inviting color schemes. This is also the place where you can come across some of the best templates for specially planned meals for Thanksgiving.

The Menu Guru

This is also a very nice source providing excellent menu templates. The site specializes in South and Central American and Mexican style restaurants.

Serif Software Templates

This is another great source of amazing menu templates that can be relatively intuitive. This template source possesses a very nice selection of templates, giving you the flexibility of adding your very own creative flair. You also have the option of downloading the Serif DTP software that can enable you to create your very own menu templates in a very easy manner.